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Reliance Jio has launched 12 apps which are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

These apps will enable us to access all services starting from reading news in the morning, watching TV serials, Movies, News channel, transfer money, shop online, online games, reading magazines and more services.

You Can Find the List of Reliance Jio Apps Below

  1. MyJio App- A gateway app for all other Jio Apps
  2. JioTV - Live TV App supporting all local and national channels
  3. JioCinema - Watch HD cinema on your mobile devices
  4. JioChat Messenger - An Instant Messaging App like Whatsapp for Jio Users
  5. JioMusic - Listen to HD Audio and Music anytime and anywhere
  6. Jio4GVoice (earlier JioJoin) - A supporting app to convert any 4G LTE or Non-VoLTe Phone
  7. JioMags - Read magazines online
  8. JioXpressNews - A news reading application for instant news alerts
  9. JioSecurity - Application developed for security purposes.
  10. JioDrive - Online cloud storage service similar to Google Drive
  11. JioMoney Wallet - Online wallet where you can load cash and recharge jio service
  12. JioSwitch - An application to transfer content.
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If you are looking for assistance in installing Jio apps on your Android, iPhone and Windows Phone, please visit the respective page for step by step instruction.

Android | iPhone | Windows Phone

I am Unable to Install Reliance Jio Apps. 

It is possible that the app may not be installed due to some reason. If you are facing some problem, please refer to the below-mentioned issues. You may troubleshoot accordingly.

Few scenarios where a mobile app will not be installed are:

  • Absence of active internet connection
  • Data pack might have been expired
  • No space in the phone's internal memory. Insufficient space
Please check the above issue and fix it accordingly. If insufficient space is the issue, please uninstall few unwanted apps, delete some whatsapp videos. 

MyJio Apps FAQ's

Let us see the frequently asked questions related to MyJio Apps.

What are the Information I Can Get From MyJio app?

Using Myjio app, you can view your 4G plan details. Easy to check the usage information for calls, messages and data service. You can communicate with Jiocare team and raise a query.

Can I Access MyJio Apps from Any Network?

Yes. You can access myjio app from any network. However, you must login with your jio user id and password. 

What Are The Supported Android Versions and iOS Versions?

MyJio Apps required Android OS 4.0 or higher and iOS 5.1 or higher.

How to Access MyJio Apps without Jio SIM?

If you do not have myjio SIM on your phone, you can use your jio user id and password to login. You can access from any network.

If you have any other question, please feel free to ask in our comments section. 


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